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Google, the essential vehicle for your online reputation

Whether a leader or an individual, many people will look for you on Google: Customers, investors, partners, employees - many of them will naturally "Google" you. The Google results they see will influence their perception and their decisions about you. It is a crucial vehicle for your online reputation. Uncontrolled, your Google results will display results not created by you and these may hurt your image.

Control your online reputation with the Digital Fortress™

With this in mind, Reputation VIP has introduced an exclusive offer to protect your online reputation: the Digital Fortress™. Through innovative technology and dedicated project management, the Digital Fortress™ lets you choose which results to display on your Google results to positively influence your online reputation.

The Digital Fortress™ enables you to control your Google results

Each customer is unique. The Digital Fortress™ is adapted to your needs: A dedicated project manager will assist you to define delivery and do daily follow up. The establishment of the Digital Fortress™ is divided into 3 key steps:

Reputation VIP performs a technical audit of the results displayed on the first three Google results to determine the strength required for your Digital Fortress™. This strength is primarily determined by the importance of negative results considered by Google's algorithms, their number as well as the Google search volume. This free audit is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This key step enables Reputation VIP to strive for results and to construct your Digital Fortress™ adapted to your needs.

Assisted by your Reputation VIP Project Manager, you define the results you want to display on your Google results to improve your online reputation.

Reputation VIP will begin constructing your Digital Fortress™. Over the first few weeks, the changes will become gradually visible. It generally takes 4-8 weeks depending upon the strength needed for your Digital Fortress™.

The Digital Fortress™, long-term protection

Once your Digital Fortress™ is completed, your Google results will be made up of selected positive results. With continuous action, the Digital Fortress™ protects your online reputation over the long term and our monitoring tools will alert you of any new threats.

In addition to a weekly report and daily monitoring of your Google results, the Project Manager dedicated to your Digital Fortress™ is available to handle all of your needs. Reputation VIP is committed to protecting your online reputation for the long term.

Digital Fortress™

Regain control of your Google results with the Digital Fortress™ solution.

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1. Technical audit

of the Google results for leaders

2. Definition

of the future Google results for leaders

3. Construction

of the Digital Fortress™

Continuous protection

with the Digital Fortress™

Case Studies :

The customer's issue

A business leader has been falsely accused of being part of a sectarian movement.

This information is relayed by several websites.

When this business leader's name is searched in Google, the first 5 results relay this information. This impacts not only his morale, but also the company's brand image.

This business leader's counsel took legal action but without quick results, as the sites were hosted by companies in multiple countries and proceedings were lengthy.

The Reputation VIP Solution

  1. Defining the future Google page of the client
    • Defined the personal branding strategy for this business leader.
    • Choice of substantial existing content such as news articles, awards received and charitable and academic activities.
    • Preparation and publication of new content.
    • Design of a Digital Fortress™ on the first two Google pages around 20 positive results selected by the customer.
  2. Construction of her Digital Fortress™
    • Duration: 5 weeks.
  3. Results achieved
    • The sites publishing slanderous information have disappeared from the first 2 pages of Google results. Our customer is now protected and slanderous information can no longer penetrate his Digital Fortress™.

The customer's issue

A politician has a busy career. This is a man of action who has accomplished many things in his region.

In his opinion, the most relevant information did not appear in the first page of the Google search results, including his accomplishments of which he is proud. He believes that this does not do justice to his image of a man of the people and he wants voters to be easily able to see his accomplishments.

The Reputation VIP Solution

  1. Defining the future Google page of the client
    • Implementation of a communication strategy focusing on evidence of his actions.
    • Social network training.
    • Selection of pertinent content to showcase.
    • Design of a Digital Fortress™ on the first two Google pages around 20 positive results selected by the customer.
  2. Construction of her Digital Fortress™
    • Duration: 6 weeks.
  3. Results achieved
    • Google search results reflect the image of a man of action.

The customer's issue

A doctor is alerted by a friend who discovered details of his private life on the internet. This information appears on the first result page of a Google search done on his name. He fears that this harms office's reputation and wants to react very quickly.

The Reputation VIP Solution

  1. Defining the future Google page of the client
    • Timely creation of a professional presence on the internet to fill the void.
  2. Construction of her Digital Fortress™
    • Duration: 4 weeks.
  3. Results achieved
    • A site revealing intimate details of this leader's personal life no longer appears on the first Google results.

The customer's issue

An artist is the subject of numerous articles about her work. Many are online but none appear on the first page of her Google search results due to the large number of similar names.

The Reputation VIP Solution

  1. Defining the future Google page of the client
    • Customer's selection of information she wants to appear on the first page of her Google search results.
    • Optimisation of her professional site and her social network pages.
  2. Construction of her Digital Fortress™
    • Duration: 3 weeks.
  3. Results achieved
    • Information about the artist occupies the entire first page of the Google search result when her name is searched.

Digital Fortress™offer :

Digital Fortress™ technology analyses Google algorithms daily and ensures that positive results are positioned on the leader's Google results while suppressing negative results. Once the Digital Fortress™ is built, it will provide long-term protection.

In order to provide a quote for a Digital Fortress™ with commitment to results, Reputation VIP automatically performs a technical audit of the Google search results.

Yes, the technical audit performed by Reputation VIP is free.

Yes. All of our technology has been developed in-house by the Reputation VIP R&D team.

Leveraging its technological mastery of online reputation management, Reputation VIP can provide a Digital Fortress™ committed to getting results.

The cost of a Digital Fortress™ is between €400 and €3000 per month and can be higher for more complex cases. The price varies depending upon the strength required to protect the leader's Google search results.

While the Digital Fortress™ is being constructed, initial improvements will appear gradually. Depending upon the strength required, the leader's Google results is protected within 4-8 weeks, on average.

Google page :

The order of results on a Google results page is determined by a series of very complex algorithms based upon several hundred criteria. Importance is defined by two primary factors: the relevance of the result in relation to the searched terms and its authority (popularity on Google).

Google algorithms update the result order daily for all searches. The Google results for a leader can be subject to high volatility if there is frequent activity on the internet. At the same time, it can remain stable year-long if no new activity is detected.

If Google deems the relative authority of the negative result to be strong, it will appear on the Google results.

The first page of Google results is by far the most important as it amasses 92 percent of all search traffic.

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Each service is adapted to your needs. Reputation VIP will perform a technical audit of your Google results to determine the strength required for your Digital Fortress™.

This strength is based on several factors, including:
- Authority of negative results according to Google algorithms
- Number of negative results on the first page
- Monthly search volume

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