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Your Search Engine results, the most important channel for your online reputation

Whether you are a business or an individual, your name is looked up on search engines by a large number of people. Those search results influence others' perception of you. Your search engine results are critical for your online reputation.

Uncontrolled, results matching your name on search engines may display information which you did not create and can sometimes harm your reputation.

Online reputation, a critical issue for organisations and their leaders

For businesses, a poor online reputation can have multiple consequences such as loss of revenue, negative impacts on the company or the employer's brand image and loss of confidence from employees, partners or investors. When it comes to online reputation, leaders are exposed both professionally and personally.

Regain control of your online reputation

At Reputation VIP, we began with a simple observation. In the real world, when you present your business, you have the freedom to choose the order of information you communicate. On the internet, search engine algorithm decide which order to display your information. You have no choice!

This is why we created Digital Fortress™, an innovative offer enabling our customers to regain control on their online reputations.

By trusting us to manage their online reputations, Reputation VIP assists its customers by building and protecting their internet images. They can choose which information to showcase on their search engine result page, and benefit from daily monitoring and assistance so that they no longer worry about their online reputation, but transform it to be a true asset for their brand and image.

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