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Back from the 2015 Web Summit Edition

A melting pot of more than 42 000 people from 134 countries all fond of web. 1231 medias, 2141 start-ups and 1000 investors… And according to Forbes, the event qualified as the “Planets best technological conference” ended Thursday 5th November. Reputation VIP proudly wore the French Tech colours. Back from the 2015 Web Summit Edition.

For this year’s edition, everything was thought on a grand scale. The Irish old Web Summit founder, Paddy Cosgrave, organised an even more successful event. The number of attendees doubled, multi-themed conferences went on during the three days, and worldwide networking took place at Dublin’s Tramhouse where young web entrepreneurs pitched their project to investors and journalists.

Entry of Web summit 2015

© : Damien Armenté

A company description a long as a Tweet

Start-ups, large companies, consultants, students, investors, journalists, government officials and services providers were all at the same place.

Beta Start-ups (classified in this category as they are benefiting from their first fund raising) met Alpha start-ups (young growing companies) and Start start-ups (start-ups that are beginning to take-off). Alongside the numerous start-ups that benefited from classic stands, others had to take over a challenge:  1 square metre for 1 day only, 1 billboard, 1 logo & 1 message as long as a tweet (120 characters maximum).

Costumes, goodies, selfie-sticks, badges, phone chargers… everyone took to the game and was all as creative as one another to stand out in the crowd.

Multi-themed conferences

While the “Start-up Festival” was taking place, keynotes, conferences, panels and debates took to the stage about the latest web trends: social media, crowdfunding, domestic robots, connected homes…

The opportunity to see Palmer Lucky, who shared his ambition: turning online relations more “human”. The Oculus Rift creator, confirmed that the virtual reality headset will be on sale from January 2016.

We also listened to Alex Stamos, Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, who announced to us that it is now time to forget passwords: “in 2015, with biometric chips, passwords no longer make sense”.

How about Reputation VIP? Part of the Beta Category, Reputation VIP was selected by the French Tech with 16 other start-ups to take part in the event. Bertrand Girin and Nicolas Nguyen, two of the five founders, Sylvain Laneyrie, E-marketing manager, Marion Canette, Corporate Marketing Manager and Damien Armenté, Product Marketing Manager.

Back from Dublin, everyone from Reputation VIP wanted to know what they had been up to for the past few days; the opportunity for us to interview Damien Armenté.

Damien Armenté ? on Twitter

Hey ! #FrenchTech #Startup @reputationvip is in #Google HQ Ireland for Night #WebSummit ! Say Hello ! 🙂

What were your first impressions back from the Web Summit ? 

“I was impressed by the number of start-ups and attendees, over 700 start-ups presented their business model everyday. What also impressed me was how the Web Summit expanded all over Dublin. It took us over half an hour to reach the Web Summit although it was only 5 kilometres away from our accommodation.

This event was also a great place to meet new people. Business cards swapping never stopped and the event went on from 9am to at least 3am, where the Web Summit turned into a Night Summit. Different events were organised around the summit, such as the French Tech Night, the evening organised by Google and the #ReviensLeon evening, organised by YapMe, a French start-up that has set-up their offices in the centre of Dublin. These moments allowed every attendees to meet up in a relaxed, open and cordial atmosphere.

If you intend going next year, don’t forget to bring a comfy pair of shoes. Thanks to our Withings connected bracelet, we counted that we walked over 12 kilometres a day!”

Did we talk about online reputation at the event ?

Some of the different trends we identified around online reputation were confirmed.

For instance, the use of data and scoring are growing. Before, the challenge was to have data to make a diagnosis. Now that we have the data, we need to process and measure it. The scores that are ensued allow us the make classifications, filters, analysis and ease decision-making.

Sometimes, it’s even the tools themselves that make decisions. This is related to the blossoming of technological solutions named “machine learning”.

These technologies are impacting recruitment sectors, whether it is for candidates and recruiters, and financial sectors, with for instance credit scoring that determines people’s financial profile. This is also impacting health, risk and image sectors…

Mytalengi, a start-up specialised in spotting and employing software developers from a database of more than 8.6 million developers, gives a score to developers according to their online footprints.

Ride O’Meter on the other hand analyses and measures social and traditional media for a specific sector: riding. They established a scoring board of all the sportsmen and women that work in the industry. Using specific key words, Ride O’Meter is capable of knowing what their image is like, their level of visibility, their market value and their image in the press. It also allows the rider professionals to partner with brands thanks to their online reputation.

 ride o meter web summit 2015 dublin

Screenshot of Ride O’Meter site (source :

More and more entrepreneurs are launching businesses in artificial intelligence and use predictive and automated processes. And, in about 5 years, we will be confronted daily to this topic.

We were also pleased and reassured that more and more web professionals understood online reputation. Our online reputation dashboard has become extremely successful. It allows you to have a free diagnosis of your brands Google first page, gives you an online reputation score and allows you to receive notifications when you Google page changes.

Nicolas Nguyen on Twitter


You are part of the French Tech Pass, what did it bring you during the event ?

Our stand was situation in the French Tech pavilion, so we were visible and linked with the French Delegation.

Bertrand Girin, Reputation VIP CEO, noticed that during the press conferences, there where four ladies and two men. This was actually pretty remarkable in this industry, where in general there is a small number of women. By the way, for the 2016 Web Summit Edition, that will take place in Lisbon, there are 10 000 free entries for Women in Tech.

axelle lemaire Back from the 2015 Web Summit Edition

Axelle Lemaire during the press conferences (source :

There were also some companies from Lyon, such as Tilkee, that has developed a software that optimises prospecting and business follow-ups, and Adways specialised in “Rich Interactive Media”.

To conclude, we take this opportunity to thank Business France and the French Tech mission for their escorting during the event and for helping our teams promote Reputation VIP at an international level.

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