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Social recruiting: 55% of recruiters influenced by social media

According to a study on recruitment methods carried out by the recruitment platform Jobvite, 55% of the recruiters questioned had reconsidered a candidate based on their social profile. Which means job candidates must be even more vigilant of their online reputation than ever before.

So to get hired, must we remain connected? The study carried out by Jobvite, an American recruitment platform with 35 million visitors a year, shows that social networks are the “next big thing” for the recruitment sector. More and more recruiters are using social media and therefore pushing candidates to modify their profiles accordingly.

According to the study, 93% of American recruiters use or plan to use social media for recruitment purposes, while only 18% consider themselves experts in the field. American recruiters plan to invest 73% more in social media, with the idea of getting ahead of their competitors. Social recruiting has enabled employers to increase the number of candidates by 44% and improve time-to-hire by 34%.

Social recruiting – beware of your online reputation

Social media also enables recruiters to keep track of candidates who haven’t posted a CV or had for interview. To make up for this absence, many employers plan to expand their recruitment methods, particularly on social media.

Social recruiting – increase your chances of being seen

So how should candidates meet the demands of social media? Although not all recruiters will “rummage about” on Facebook, particularly since regulations were introduced in 2010, candidates must still respect certain rules concerning their online reputation. This is particularly the case in highly competitive sectors such as engineering, IT, operations, marketing and sales. Candidates should follow the following rules to ensure their online profile withstands the extensive research carried out by recruiters:

  • Beware of what you post online and also what others post about you. There should be no negative content or links that could stain your brand image. Any traces have the potential to cause damage – according to a study of 502 French people by McAfee – MIS Research in January 2014, 8% of 18-24 year-olds have already been fired for messages or photos posted online. One way of ensuring social media content does not appear in search engine results is to choose privacy settings on your social media sites.
  • Ensure your professional social network profiles are effective. Highlight your strengths and qualities on professional platforms such as LinkedIn or Viadeo, thereby increasing your chances that recruiters will see you and users will recommend you.
  • Regularly check the information that appears online about you by using tools such as the  Reputation VIP’s dashboard. This free measuring and monitoring tool provides an overview of your online reputation.
Individual Dashboard

Reputation VIP’s online reputation dashboard

Social recruiting – candidates have a lot to gain in our “Googlelization” era

Following such rules, like joining in discussions on professional networks, will help candidates earn a good online reputation in a market that is becoming constantly more competitive and connected.

Especially as,  48% of employers said they google candidates applying for jobs in their company. The Jobvite study also shows that recruiters adopt a multi-channel approach – 51% of them plan to increase their investment in mobile recruiting.

See the Jobvite study on recruitment methods:

The recruiting manual Jobvite

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  • Mathur says:

    I think the company can provide a custom panel to every employee where they can see the open vacancies or Recruiting. When any potential candidate applies for a vacancy using the link, the referral is automatically attached to the employee who shared the vacancy. This makes it easier to track referrals. .Current employees can share these vacancies with their personal social networks with the deep link that includes the current employee’s referral code

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    I think it increases in the number of relevant applications through Social Media. Rise in the number of employees sharing the vacancies with their networks. I think the company can provide a custom panel to every employee where they can see the open vacancies or recruit. Any preliminary queries about the company and profile are answered by the employees themselves, giving it a personal touch.