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The Digital Fortress

Use our advanced technological solution to make your own selection of positive content and push it in the first page results when people search your name or your brand on Google

Online press relations

Improve your branding and credibility with our publication partnerships with highly respected online media

Right to be forgotten on Google

Let us manage your delisting request with search engines and make sure that any harmful content is removed from search results

Content removal legal services

Rely on our team of legal experts to get all defamatory content related to you removed from search results

Google’s Related Searches

Use our advanced technology to influence related search suggestions that show at the bottom of a Google search result page, push your own choice of terms and improve your image

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Reputation VIP, your digital agency magnified by technology

More than an e-reputation or SEO agency, Reputation VIP is a digital agency comprised of experts who are passionate about optimising your company’s presence on Google. Built by SEO experts, our dedicated teams support you in strengthening your natural indexing, enhancing your e-reputation on the long run and handling your content marketing strategy.

Our Technological Approach

Reputation VIP is a technology startup that provides the expertise of an R&D lab with 12 engineers to give you more control over your visibility on Google

Digital Fortress

To this day, it is the only solution able to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm and stay on top of any new content that may have an influence on your online reputation.

Data-Driven Approach

The online reputation campaign is tailored to you needs, thanks to our Big Data auditing technology and the benchmarks repeatedly tested by our R&D team.

Performance monitoring

We evaluate the performance of every content and measure its impact on your online reputation.

Artificial Intelligence

We use state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate the performance of every content and measure how it impacts your online reputation.

Client cases




The founder and director of a development consulting firm was negatively impacted by the google results that appeared when typing his name. Articles related to the financial problems of a company he had worked in fifteen years ago occupied most of his first page, damaging not only his personal online image but also that of his company. When he contacted us, he wanted to reverse this trend and regain control of his reputation on Google.


After a performance audit of the negative results associated with his name, we wrote and published content on high authority web platforms, allowing him to present his career but also express himself as an expert on topics related to his industry. At the same time, we deployed a netlinking infrastructure to increase the visibility of this content, giving it the possibility of appearing on the first page of Google. Today, 80% of the results of the first page of Google are positive and controlled.


An e-retailer specialising in the sale of high-tech products was suffering from the negative impact of his first Google page on his business. Despite an average customer satisfaction rate of 90%, the negative opinions of the few unhappy customers were enough for powerful forums to occupy half of the results of the first page: a genuine hindrance for a brand that is searched hundreds of thousands of times a month.


To support him in the improvement of Google’s first page results, we guided our client in the optimisation of different satellite sites and social networks belonging to him. In addition to capitalising on the existing, we also managed the launch of new websites and thematic blogs, while deploying a netlinking strategy for the positive results associated with his name. Today, his first page has no negative results and reflects the satisfaction of his customers.

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