Personal Branding
Leaders offer

We build your online presence with our Personal Branding offer

Personal Branding: our experts highlight your success

Executives, decision makers and board of directors, we create for you your digital identity. Our online reputation experts offer to you a Personal Branding offer so that you occupy the digital territory and promote your personal brand image.

As Google has changed the way people collaborate and think, online reputation has become the number one risk for company executives. Leadership requirements are becoming essential, so there is a need of putting into place a personal branding strategy.

You are surely asking yourselves, what is Personal branding? How can we develop your personal brand? Is it time consuming? Reputation VIP has the answers to all of your questions.

We build your Personal Trademark

Reputation VIP is offering you your key in hand “Personal Branding” solution. Our objective: enhancing your professional image and reputation, by putting forward your expertise and your company.

Thanks to our experience with numerous decision-makers, for the support and improvement of their image online, we are offering you a tailored solution according to your visibility goals and requirements. Our dedicated team creates for you rewarding and pertinent content, that is optimised for Google searches. We want you to become a renowned expert in your sector, where your success and assets will be promoted.

Our tailored « Personal Branding » offer

  • Auditing your online reputation and your digital influence.
  • Defining pertinent supports according to your personal and your business’ communication strategy.
  • Optimising and shaping your online strategy: editorial policy, speech formalisation.
  • Creating your digital tools (we let you choose from our portfolio: personal website, blog, social media…)

While your online ID is under construction, our dedicated team will offer you visible and qualitative contents according to your requirements. They will also make sure there is consistency between the different pieces of content we create for you.

Personal branding also named Self Branding, is an image and a career asset for your business success.

Personal Branding
Leaders offer

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1. Strategic audit

of your online reputation

2. Optimisation

of your Personal Branding strategy

3. Selection

of your materials according to your visibility objectives

4. Creation

of your digital tools